Saturday, December 29, 2018

Choose Your Own Adventures, analyzed

Thanks to Paul over at Paul's Gameblog for this one. He mentioned and linked to a site that analyzed a number of Choose Your Own Adventure books. I liked those books, and I had a few of them - I think I still have Mystery of the Maya around here somewhere.

Here is the analysis:

One Book, Many Readings

The D&D ones were a lot of fun, too, but I gave them away when I was cleaning out my book collection. I believe Dryst's player has them now, as when I brought my pile of books to be claimed, he claimed them all. I may have to try to get them back - I really enjoyed them and they influenced my games heavily when I was a tween. Whatever. The analysis of choice in these kinds of adventures is something I think about whenever I play an adventure written in this style, whether it is a CYOA book, a GURPS Conan adventure, Convoy, or an old D&D solo adventure.


  1. The choose your own adventure in the D&D Red Box players manual.

    1. I never played that through, I just kind of glanced at it. I was well into AD&D when that came out.

    2. Bargle! I'll never forgive you for killing Aleena!


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