Thursday, December 27, 2018

Expanded Polearms

I just have to highlight the expanded polearm list here:

Equipment of Alnwich: Polearms

I'm responsible for a lot of the Low-Tech stuff referenced there, but I love the expanded list. I don't have much call for polearm variety in my games, but hey, I grew up speaking Gygaxese. Polearms are supposed to come in a massive, bewildering, and hair-splitting variety!


  1. Perfect, I just built a Glaive weapon master knight. So, how did Vryce survive against missile weapons in the early days?

    1. Don't forget WM is by weapon, so variant polearms won't help you unless you specialize in that specific variant.

      Vryce surived with good armor and friendly mages with Missile Shield. And generally weaker opponents than you typically delve against now.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Peter! I'm glad you like them! Gygax is exactly why I made all of those. I blame him 100% for my love of stabby-slashy hunks of metal on sticks.


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