Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Plastic Golems

A session or so back, the PCs were menaced by some golems.

Here's one of them, with a weapon head swap (since the original broke off long ago):

These guys are actually some plastic knights from some random bag of plastic men - knights in this case - that I had when I was a kid. Few survived, but those that did have become golems. All I did was spray-prime them, cover them with metallic paint, and then either just magic wash them or give them a rust-orange wash and then magic wash them. Simple, cheap, fun, and just the right size to be SM +1 menaces.

That guy also got a carpet staple in his chest, somehow, which I pried out. It just makes him look battle-damaged. Aim for the hole at -8, you can see how well that worked out for the delver who put that hole there!


  1. I'm glad I'm not/wasn't the only one...

    While I'm strictly a Paper Minis man now, I used to use miniatures. And I'd use anything. Dinosaurs from a cheap 50¢ bag of toys? Check. Indians from a cheap bag of Cowboys and Indians? Check (and the fences, and horses, and such). Animals from a cheap zoo pack? Check. Terrain from WWI and II playsets? Check.

    I had an old set of plastic knights (all different weapons too!), archers, wyverns, goblins, trolls, and demons from a really old cardboard castle* playset. Looked like @$$ (compared to Ral Partha lead minis), but I painted and used 'em.

    Ah... good times. Good times.

    * Okay, so I finally decided to hunt those old playsets down, I had the top two, Wizard king and Three Headed Dragon:


    I remember them costing my entire summer allowance (for two summers!), a whole 20$ each! But I got so much fun out those playsets over the many years I had them... probably the best purchases I ever made as kid (I was 10 and 11 when I bought them). Even surpassing my LEGOs. I gave them (and my LEGOs) to some kids years back who were just getting into gaming, they loved 'em.

    1. I would have loved those when I was a kid.

      And I'd paint them as enemies now that I'm an adult.


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