Monday, December 3, 2018

So you want to follow the jokes at the gaming table . . .

The understand the humor at our game table, it's critically important to be familiar with the following source material (particularly common references are quoted in parenthesis.)


Gauntlet ("Wizard is about to die!" and "Warrior needs food, badly!")

Yellowbeard ("Killing plants!" and the general attitude of the whole game.)

The Three Amigos ("Are you the singing bush?" and "You don't want to die with a sissy gun like that, you want to die with a man's gun." And a dozen others. "Paco, hold out your hat!")

Futurama ("Murder isn't working and it's all we're good at!" and any comments about "damned Neutrals!")


If you want to understand the rest of the humor, it's worth being closely familiar with:

Strange Brew ("You came to me with a mouse in the bottle. Now you are the mouse." "Perhaps one of these will change your mind, eh?" And too, too many others to count, eh?)

Kelly's Heroes ("Make a deal" and "I've been thinking nothing but positive thoughts about that goddamned bridge!")

The Blues Brothers (full version, for "I'm going to be a priest!")

Samurai Cat (for "not even the glyphs."

Passingly Useful

It's sometimes helpful to be familiar with:

The Princess Bridge (only for "Fezzik, tear his arms off" and the inventory scene)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (just because.)

You'd think those would come up more often, but they really don't. Something like half of the stupid stuff we say at the table is The Three Amigos . . .

How about you guys?


  1. A natural 1 to spot something in a d20 game has brought the reaction "Nice tits" in the past, though I think we've grown beyond that.

    I've made enough players read at least a little of the Binder of Shame that I can make a "Ninja-style!" remark and most get it.

    Vehicles are weapons. There's a little reminiscing until folks are brought up to speed.

    It's really important to know of Spinal Tap, though only Steph and I can quote it at will. The rest still don't know how awesome England's loudest rock band is. Tropic Thunder quotes are more understood but not quite as cool. Obviously, it's good to be familiar with Monty Python and the Princess Bride at any gaming table, and I've also had a few Strange Brew quotes myself. Though now that I mention that one, I think I may be quoting it to my kids instead.

    When characters charge or Move & Attack in GURPS, someone will often add, in a low voice, "[So-and-so] is going to come talk to you!"

  2. Important: Star Wars (original trilogy), The Princess Bride, Monty Python, Lord of the Rings (movies/books), some Clint Eastwood (mostly The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, and "do you feel lucky"), Queen music.
    I wouldn't have thought of Gauntlet, but that turns up fairly regularly. One player would likely insist that 'Red Dwarf' is important, but that's more him than the group.

  3. I think a passing knowledge of The Simpsons seasons 3 through 9 is essential for half the dialogue.
    "But I'm angry now."
    "You see the bind I'm in?"
    "Yes, a magical animal."
    ad infinitum


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