Saturday, September 14, 2019

Last minute game non-prep

Tomorrow is Felltower.

I should be going over my notes, reviewing the maps, packing the minis, double-checking that I have everything, and re-reading any relevant rules that might impact play in a significant fashion.

What I'm actually doing is studying Japanese, reading an unrelated article, going over unrelated materials, watching sumo, painting minis that might see the table tomorrow (or not), reviewing what went right and wrong during some grappling practice today, doing client followup, and going over rules that have nothing to do with game tomorrow at all. I'd do other things if I could think of them.

It's like the day before game, I need a mind-cleansing day where I don't dwell in the depths of Felltower or its attached realms. I need to just leave it all aside for the next morning's frantic packing, and just get on with the non-game bits of my day that need doing.

So here we are. Even my blogging isn't on-topic for game tomorrow.


  1. The mind's attempt to stave off burnout. Happens to me frequently.

    1. That makes sense. I tend to do this before a lot of stressful or intensive activities - do something totally unrelated.

  2. Are you a big strong guy? Like sumo guys?

  3. My routine (game prep) when I'am really into it, is thus:

    1-2 days after game: I do the Immediate After Report, that is, while the game is still ultra fresh in my mind, I sit down and make notes and make any alterations to the plotlines, settings, npcs etc. Preferably this is the day immediately after game.

    3-2 days before game: I sit back down and go over my notes, making sure nothing was missed and prep for the next game (if prep is required). I prefer to do this 2 days before game, but it's flexible as long as it's no more than 4 days before.

    Like you I prefer to have a day before game where I'm not immersed in game prep, so my mind can freely wander across game concepts and fre-assoc and generate background ideas.

    And that's it. And this was when I was running a 300+ person LARP that met weekly. To tell the truth... even when it was a 60 person LARP that met monthly, that's all the prep I did. Not counting costuming and boffer weapon repair/crafting, which I don't really count as I'm not thinking about game.

    1. The post-game day-after prep would work wonders for me. I take up most of the day - a minimum of several hours - writing up the extensive summaries. That kills the free time I have for the first part of the week!


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