Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bones V is up

Bones V launched today:

I was busy at work so I got into the 4th or 5th wave, I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter. I wish they'd just put them all in one big grouping and then just say they're prioritize them by order you pledge in. It's a pain to have to scan for waves, wait until new ones open up, etc.

In any case, I tossed in $120 and we'll see if the core set is eventually worth that to me. If not, I'll downgrade and just do some add-ons. But so far it's looking reasonably useful as a set.

In any case, more minis! More monsters! More cute kids and kobolds to sell or trade.


  1. Tracking people by the order you backed sounds like a nightmare.

    They also said on the live stream there is apparently an issue with Kickstarter about this.

    1. Makes sense.

      I'd be fine just getting mine at some perfectly random time, too. It's a pain waiting for a wave to open up and then get a pledge in.

    2. In Australia it really makes sweet FA difference


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