Wednesday, October 2, 2019

More hints for Felltower Sunday

Just sharing some of what I told my players as we head into a 3rd session in the "Warden" in Felltower. I think they're smart guys with insufficient information to do what they're trying to do. So without giving too much away, I wanted to pare down the options a bit.

"You do need to find a way out and/or a way to deal with the tree. That's going to take some exploration and some thought.

- there isn't any particular spell you've cast or haven't cast that will find the "solution." It's going to take more than that. Don't waste a lot of session time on reading Spells or GURPS Magic. Specific spells might be useful in some situations, but there isn't a spell-based way to solve things.

- you do need to explore more.

- one big clue - you rushed around so much looking for treasure you passed up some clues and cues back in session 1.

- another - the vegepygmies don't know the way home, or how to beat the tree, or they'd have told you. They might be useful, but they can't tell you the answer."

Most of this I think the group already knows. But I wanted to confirm it. A session spent trying to pull out a specific spell, or talk to the vegepygmies and try different keywords until I say something slightly different, etc. - the usual signs of frustration for lack of a clear path - wouldn't be fun. Exploration for its own sake is enjoyable, but I don't want them to overlook the old when searching for the new.

I'd actually add another - treasure is nice, but finding a way out is getting critical. That should take priority unless a really significant treasure is discovered. Maybe even then . . .

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