Saturday, October 19, 2019

Offloading GM tasks to the Players

I just read this article:

How to Run Better D&D Games By Doing Less

I like hearing suggestions from people who run a lot of games on how to run them more efficiently.

Here are tasks I offload:

- "initiative" - I've appointed a combat coordinator to prompt the person who is next to go.

- spell lookups. I do it too, sometimes, but generally I tell people where to look. A lot of my players still look in GURPS Magic first, so maybe I need to designate a specific person to keep up with the differences.

That said, the blog post suggested another one I like:

- numbering the monsters. I should let the PCs do that as it'll put us both on the same numbering scheme. Instead of them saying, "this guy!" and me knowing it's Orc #16, they can just say, "Orc #16" or "Orange Orc" if they looped an orange rubber band on the mini.

I need to find some other tasks I can offload to the players. Tracking damage isn't so straightforward as in D&D, so that's not one I can keep. Many of the others really don't apply, either, thanks to rules (track XP? It's single digits and success-dependent) or style (I really do need to draw the maps.)

I'll keep an eye out for other tasks. Hopefully my players will spot some for me. Anything that offloads the admin and keeps the load off of me - and reduces that bottleneck - can't but help allow us to get in more of what we like . . . the actual play.

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