Wednesday, October 23, 2019

XP for the Forest Gate

How to do XP for the Forest Gate was a bit of a puzzle, at first. This was an exploration-heavy, potentially combat-heavy, loot-light area that required significant effort to unravel.

It was designed that way. Nothing the PCs could do was going to increase the amount of per-session loot except perhaps for finding the staff right away and then finishing the whole deal in one or two sessions.

What I basically did was allow for an inverted system of XP for sessions. If the PCs found enough salable loot in a session to satisfy their loot requirements, I used the 4/2/0 plus 1 or 2 for exploration setup. If the PCs mostly explored (since there wasn't a lot of loot to find) they received 4/2/0 for exploration and 1 or 2 for loot.

This was an exception for a specific type of adventure - this isn't precedent for sessions spent exploring instead of looting getting exploration-based XP. There simply was almost no loot in the entire place, so it wasn't fair as a GM to judge the PCs based on that. In a place like Felltower, where there is a lot of loot (albeit often hidden and/or guarded) the PCs get judged on the ability to extract that loot.

XP were the same for everyone:

FGI on 9/1/2019 - 10+ explored locations = 4 xp, 0 xp for loot = 4 xp

FG2 on 9./15/2019 - >1 but <10 explored locations = 2 xp, 0 xp for loot = 2 xp

FG3 on 10/6/2019 - 10+ explored locations = 4 xp, 0 xp for loot = 4 xp

FG4 on 10/20/2019 - >1 but <10 explored locations = 1 xp, 4 xp for loot, 1 xp for clearing out the Garden of Trent Oakheart = 6 xp

FG1 was exploration-based.

FG2 was exploration-based. The session was spent, mostly, on talking to vegepygmies and then exhaustively trying to defeat the evil tree.

FG3 was exploration-based.

FG4 was loot-based.

MVP for the sessions were:

I: Ulf


III: Aldwyn's player (for playing Dryst and making pie)

IV: Quenton

Hopefully this is a useful glimpse into how I did xp using a loot-based XP system in a deliberately exploration-and-puzzle based adventure.


  1. Have you ever posted your "sufficient loot" levels anywhere (besides your home notes)? I'd be interested to see how much money you're charging the higher level guys in your game to get their +1 Loot xp.

    1. I'm pretty sure I did. I'll dig around later and see if I can find a link to it.

    2. Thanks! I somehow missed it last time around.


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