Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Interesting Minis from Bones V

So Bones V is going along.

There are a few I really like.

10001 and 1007 - the evil-looking wizard and the undead giant - are pretty cool.

1016, 1017, and 1020 - monsters are always useful.

1025 - is that a basilisk? Got a couple already, but I suppose I could use another, different-looking one.

1032-1049 - trade material

Boulderkin, spell effects, and golems? Sure!

Catoblepas, a dragon, and a thing in a well? Great!

So far none of the expansions really grab me. I'm not sure the $50 for the mythic Greece set will be worth it for me, but I really like the idea of Hercules and a hydra-looking hydra. As in, not a D&D dragon-with-many-heads one but a hydra like the vases I saw in my ancient history books depicted.

But I'm thinking that by the time this is done I should be able to justify $120 + Shipping. I just know to pay shipping the moment I can and lock that price in . . . last time it went up while I was debating additions. To heck with that!


  1. I'm really liking the Japanese/oriental minis in this one.

    1. I thought I would, but . . . none of them said "use me in a campaign!" to me.


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