Friday, October 18, 2019

Random Links 10/18

Some things I liked this past week:

- a good post on rumors over at The Dragon's Flagon. I'm a big user of rumors, and I like the way he's approached the subject. Even totally false rumors should tell you something about the setting.

Rumor Has It

- Mailanka put more into one post than I put into a week's worth of writing. Styles, Move rounding, Trademark Moves, and Spinning Strikes!

Martial Arts Power-Ups Retrospective

- Descent into Avernus isn't my kind of adventure, but I enjoyed Sean's review over at Power Score in any case.

- Bones V is proceeding nicely. I'm still iffy on keeping my pledge, but it's getting more likely. We'll see as they expand more of the core set and show what else they have in terms of expansions.


  1. What's your issue with keeping Bones V?

    I think the core set is looking pretty good already and I need to deal with the $USD/$AUD exchange rate

    1. It's simple - I look at the whole cost ($120+S&H) and then only at the minis I really want from the set. If those are worth $120+S&H to me, I'll stay in. If not, I'll drop out.

      Per-mini it'll be a good deal regardless, but if many of those are ones I don't want or need, it waters down the final value of the package to me.

    2. Yeah, I guess I think there is enough for me. I've been able to sell the Bones IV minis that I didn't want* to bring the cost down.

      * Trying to sell Gauth now.

    3. I'm finding the selling-to-recoup just onerous enough that I don't want to do it unless I'm already ahead of the game even if I don't.

    4. I probably won't buy your core leftovers this time either since I'm backing it myself.

  2. Your link to Mailanka's page is wrong.


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