Wednesday, January 22, 2020

DFRPG Companion 2: How was my speculation?

When the DFRPG Companion 2 was first mentioned, I opined it might include the following:

Here is what I'm speculating will go in it:

- leftover magic items that didn't fit into Magic Items 2 thanks to not making the extra page count.
- new templates for player character professions
- new templates for player character races
- possibly more "power up" style additions to existing templates.

It would be a good place for new rules, but DFRPG isn't rules-heavy. Monsters, too - it could possibly include monsters left out of Monsters 2 (but for various reasons I suspect they'd get saved for Monsters 3.)

The actual book will have:

16 new magic items

6 monsters

A "rogue's gallery" of bad guys.

So I feel like I'm two for four or five, depending on how you count "possibly." Not bad as a guess. I was hoping for more PC races and professions, though, more than more monsters. But I'll take them. I'm in the Kickstarter for $20 + S&H for the PDF and the hardcopy.


  1. I'm wondering if the "rogue's gallery" will include new options for PC's sprinkled throughout the section. The preview of the elven thief, which shows the new advantage "animal companion," would seem to indicate that. Maybe the minotaur NPC will include a box outlining the minotaur PC race template, etc.?

  2. There will be some racial templates sprinkled in there. Centaur was specifically mentioned as one.

    1. That would be nice. I don't really need pregen NPCs, but new racial templates could be useful for me.

  3. A "rogues gallery", my enthusiasm has drooped like a hothouse lily in a snowstorm. Same with 'new' magic items.

    I'm 'so-so' on new monsters. Not gonna poo-poo 'em (as evidenced by my buying every monster book that has come out), but I'm not in the need.

    1. I'll let you know how they are when it comes out. I'd rather just have gotten them in Monsters 2 just so I don't have yet another book to look in for stats.


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