Sunday, January 19, 2020

GT: Off to Ottawa

We've been talking about our inevitable downtime, and our next plan of action for Gamma Terra.

About a year back, we'd been trying to decide between these two options:

The Arsenal (Detroit)

• Amy visited it on her way to Ohio all those years ago, said it's bleak
• ruled by a humanoid chieftain called 6Mile who has a humanoid army
• there is the belief that he wants to leave the city and conquer parts of Midden
• Softie detected an "advanced energy bloom" there, seemingly higher TL than usual pre-War tech


• less destroyed than other big cities such as Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Detroit et al
• curiously in Softie's operational footprint
• was capital of the United North American States before the War
• Caveman has suggested that the Tomorrow Men's chips can be modified there

Back then we decided Ottawa.

Now, it looks like we'll go there next. I'm deeply tempted by The Arsenal and a lot of other things, but Ottawa is going to nag at me until we go. We'll never feel ready, so why not just say the heck with it and go soon?

Post-downtime, we'll head up to Ottawa. I suggested some possible actions when we get there:

- find out what we can about our chips;
- sell off some of our junk;
- find stuff we can buy, especially weaponry, medical tech, and information tech;
- find potential allies;
- learn as much as we can about the world, the Purists, and other groups.

Also, we'll try to catch an Ottawa Senators game. Surely the NHL survived the apocalypse, right?

We'll need to up some of our social skills before we go - Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Leadership, Merchant . . . we'll have to set up a list and see who improves what.

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