Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Turning Purists into Tomorrow Men

The Gamma Terra crew picked up some new recruits the old fashioned way - by recruiting NPCs.

We have about 16 new folks in the group - 11 mutated humans, 4 "pure strain" humans, and 1 scientist "pure strain" human.

All of them are ex-Purists. Some very, very recently ex-Purists, although clearly they'd made some kind of decision internally that it took just our offer to get them to switch.

But it's a big issue for us. We're now outnumbered almost 2:1 by new recruits of dubious upbringing. Heh.

Also, of different rank - many of them outrank us, two of them very badly (two Majors.) We already made it clear they can keep their rank titles but it's not coming with any command authority in our group. Surely within their group it will, which is its own issue. We need to avoid parallel command structures.

We need to figure out a way to integrate them into our group and into our goals.

I have a couple of ideas.

We Do Solemnly Swear . . .

We all have an oath on our character sheets. We're O.G. 20th Homeland, as the new recruits called us. Did they take the same oath?

I think they probably did not. They should take the one we took. We know it by heart, otherwise we wouldn't be bound by it now with no one to enforce it.

Time Off Together

They've been trapped for two year with just each other. We've got a medical base with reading materials of sorts, people who aren't them, proper facilities, and plenty of time to relax.

And safety. No one will shoot at them.

It's possible that hanging around with the crew might help us all get a little more friendly and familiar. Hillbilly's already done his part by befriending Lynne.

Team Building Field Trip!

It's trust fall time. We can take them out on a mission. Non-Purist related. Maybe visiting the Citadel at Greenbay would be touchy right now, but maybe going to the Proving Grounds wouldn't be Or going somewhere none of us have been - not Angel Hill, too much temptation to split off - and seeing what we can find. That big Pyramid to the west, maybe the wandering forest, the AFB? Something where we have to work together and get to know each other. Even just some maneuvers would help. And they know the world better than we do, so it's a good chance for them to feel like they're showing us their worth and bringing something to the table.

Code Names

We might have to consider giving them nicknames. No one calls Hillbilly Arnold. Maybe we need 15-16 more nicknames? That might help with the rank issues. If we call Major Cho "Major Cho" it implies that she's, say, a Major of some kind. If we call her "Notorious" or "Hardass" or something like that, she might feel like one of us.*

Plus it's easier than remembering their full names and old rank.

Something to think about . . .

* This isn't crazy. I know a guy named John, but no one calls him that. Not even him. His nickname is Mother****er. He introduces himself that way. It's a good part of why he's a guy everyone knows. His story is here, at the 43 minute mark of the podcast.


  1. Let me flex my mild psych knowledge for you... renaming is //rebranding//. Let the new recruits pick the names for each other.

    Give them a few weeks of integration where you allow them to use their old titles internally, but start enforcing the new names from your end immediately. If the newbs call Mjr Cho 'Candy' (frex), then you enforce that in public. Maybe for the first while show her some 'respect', use her old title in private a few times, especially when you're asking for her aid or knowledge, but slowly stop. When she starts introducing herself as 'Candy', you've won her over (probably, unless she's psyops).

    Take the majors aside. Let them know that right now, they may have rank over the other recruits, but they don't outrank you guys. Show them that if they fit in, if they prove they earned it, yeah, in time that'll all come back.

    But right now? As far as //Homeland// is concerned, they aren't Homeland. Let Love Handles run 'good' cop to (your and) others 'bad' cop (especially Fatbox, let him look like the absolute hardass. Hillbilly can be the laid back guy who absolutely will do what needs doing, but you need the guy who argues for the "hardway" right off. Split those rolls up (I suspect you guys already have)).

    Find out if their rank structure is tied to the chips, or if they abandoned that. Consider whether to remain 'pure' and stick your Ranks, or adopting the 'new paradigm". Both ways have pros and cons.

    Alright, I'm done armchairing at ya.

    1. That's pure gold. We'll follow that advice if I have any say in it!

      Thanks for armchairing.

    2. Something I forgot above, dress is brand. If you can rekit the new recruits to better match the uniforms you're wearing, they'll begin adopting the Homeland way faster.

    3. We'll have to see if we have spare uniforms. We might, or we can get some made! Everyone gets a Delta Pledge Pin.

      And you called our roles well, by the way.

      "Can't we all be friends?"
      Love Handles: Hell yes!
      Hillbilly: If you play nicely, yes. If not, no.
      Fatbox: HELL NO!



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