Thursday, January 16, 2020

Random Gamma Terra Facts & Notes II

This is an addendum to Random Gamma Terra Facts & Notes, published back in February of 2019.


The original five have been out of the bunker for 156 or 157 days now.


More Highlights:

- Permium (TM) - an alloy of Kaskium. It's not as strong and vibration-absorbing as duralloy, but it's the second-best material we've found. The "bank vault" in Muskegeon was a form of Permium (TM).

- There is at least one sub-type of the 8 generations of androids. The Mark VIIIi is a different variation. It's not clear yet what makes it so. Combat variation, perhaps?

- We've found another variation of the idiot-proof medical pens - the purple pens are a massive stimulant with a lot of really negative effects.

- Robots with genuine people personalities.


We discovered a number of new groups:

- Red Death aka Friends of Entropy. A group of warrior-priests who call themselves a "cancer" on the world, and find that glorious. Dedicated to the cessation of all, eventually . . . but who practice resurrection! Based in Green Bay.

- Radiants - a group of radiation-worshippers.

- League of Free Men - a pre=war group of pro-world government folks.

- Autonomists - a pre-war group of anti-world government folks.

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