Thursday, January 23, 2020

Re-Revised Flight and Hawk Flight

A while back, I revised Flight and Hawk Flight.

I merged the spells, and gave them conditional movement rates

Actual play, though, has made me reconsider the conditional movement rates.

Basically, the players would cast Flight on, say, a lightly-armored high-Move Swashbuckler, boost him with Haste, and end up with extremely high speeds. We'd also spend considerable time - real life time, the most valuable commodity on game day - figuring out movement rates. Levitation gives a flat movement rate, so I'm okay with these doing so as well. I recognize that my change was both too powerful and a little clunky at the same time.

So I've decided to backtrack a bit.

Flight gives Basic Move 10, just as in DFRPG Spells.

Hawk Flight gives Basic Move 40, just as in GURPS Magic.

Encumbrance works normally - so Medium Encumbrance (0.6) reduces these to 6 and 24, for example.

Otherwise the spells are as listed.

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