Thursday, January 9, 2020

Notes from the Post-Apocalypse - GM info dump for Gamma Terra

We've been dealing with lots of little things from our last Gamma Terra session.

Here are andi's notes on the android we shot for booting up near firearms, because we're a little jumpy:

In one of the suites in the Echo-Tower, the PCs destroyed a female Mark VIII Bodyguard Android by shooting her in the head, and using Oinker’s “bunny scope” they found her memory modules in the torso and extracted them. Once home, the PCs were able — with Short Bus’ knowledge of computing and android engineering — to connect her to a terminal and get her online. Doing that, they learned that she was a Mark VIIIi A-Level Bodyguard Android called Nike (pronounced NEE-kay) and had been assigned to protect a man (whose corpse the PCs found in a bed in the same suite) named Manny Ferraro. Ferraro was a wealthy and influential friend (and former University of Michigan classmate) of John Morrow’s, and an “expert consultant” to the UNAS’ United Intelligence Services. He lived in a fortified brownstone in Detroit and was buying a unit in the Echo-Tower (as well as a room in the Survival City). In the year before the War, Ferraro split his time between his home in Detroit and the starport at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. Nike was always with him, but he could turn her long-term memory circuits off when he was doing “classified” things, so she doesn’t know much about what he did, exactly.

Our additional questions told us the following:

The Mark VIIIi is "high-end human" -- better than a Bishop-from-Aliens-style Mark VIII which is basically a baseline human in terms of physical abilities.

Talking to Nike, you ask about her capabilities -- I'll just translate what she says into GURPS terms to save me saying it all in words, which would be vague and take more time than I have.

The Mark VIIIi would have ST and DX in high human range (maybe 16-18 depending on how much you spend) with above-average processing power (IQ 12-ish, lower than Mark 8's "genius grade" IQ 14+ brain) and a HT score (plus Hard to Subdue and Kill) that makes it hard to put her down short of destroying her. Her reactions are impressive; she would have a higher Basic Speed (and thus Move) than her DX and HT scores would normally come out to, as well as Combat Reflexes. She has subdermal armor plating (DR capable of deflecting up to rifle rounds, so call it 4d or 5d of DR). She doesn't eat, drink, tire, breathe and so on. Her power source is in the form of an atomic battery which lasts more or less indefinitely. She had the juice to boot up when you found her, despite having been sitting there for centuries.

And of course all the Machine Body advantages like Injury Tolerances like No Blood and so on. That's in Basic.

Skills are what you would been for VIP protection detail, all at professional (or greater, 17-18+) levels. In her case, melee and unarmed were better (Level 20?) than guns (because people were really prickly about firearms during the shadow years).

Her gear is pretty simple. Mono-edge hyperdense ninja-to with an armor divisor, a (5mm?) needler pistol like the one you found on the dead security guard in the nuclear power plant (but slightly better) and those are "shock shurikens" which have very sharp micro-barbed points that stick in flesh/clothing/armor and deliver a taser-like incapacitating jolt of electricity.

Her needler ammo?

Single magazine (22 rounds) of disintegrating (as in dissolving, not "disintegration ray") poison. One or two hits is non-lethal, more rounds deliver more poison and increase lethality (ie require multiple HT rolls, or HT rolls at penalties, that kind of thing).

And here is what she looked like - Bridgitte Nielson. I called it by email without the GM saying so . . . she sounded like Bridgitte Nielson looked in Beverly Hill Cop II sans .44 Automag.

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