Sunday, September 20, 2020

Felltower, AD&D, and Gamma Terra update

Our most recent gaming has been our AD&D session with A2, played a week ago.

Our next Felltower game is a bit off - we have a scheduled second session for A2, Part I. I'd like to go straight into A2, Part II, but that might not work for the group. The more AD&D we play clustered together, the better it plays and the faster it runs.

After that, we've been discussing playing Gamma Terra. Our original plans for the other game day was some GT, but our GM was cruelly ambushed by work and wasn't able to complete prep.
So in another week, AD&D, then possibly AD&D or Gamma Terra, and then Dungeon Fantasy: Felltower.

For that reason I don't have too much of a Felltower update. I've been focused on AD&D at the moment for the current game.

That said, here is a list of things I owe the players for Felltower, so they can peruse it and so any blog-watches can see what's going on.

- Galen is sitting on a lot of money, so I need to coordinate with his player about better gear. I'm not sure what's better than what he has, except likely armor as he's got an old suit of pre-DFRPG weight Thieves' Mail.

- The PCs hired a sage to research the Osirians. I have to provide the results of said research before the next session.

- I believe some PCs have goods on order, but I'm not really sure who does. Generally they track it themselves, but still.

That should be all of the admin I need to do before the next session, but we'll see if I'm incorrect.


  1. AD&D and GT are okay but really looking forward to more Felltower!

    1. I have a couple of players who probably agree - they always vote DF over AD&D or GT. I got grumpy once and pointed out that GT is my chance to play, not GM, so we can't allow anyone to veto GT in favor of DF.

      Don't worry, DF will always occupy most of our gaming Sundays. It's just the nature of the ease of running it.


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