Sunday, September 27, 2020

AD&D Today - A2, Section A, Part II

We're playing AD&D today - Part II of A2, Section A. When we last left, the PCs were down Blodgett, the halfling thief, out of healing, and fairly well mauled.

They'd just hacked down the door to what seems like the hobgoblin's barracks area. Behind them is a trapped hallway with a door outside, where the guards are alert. Ahead of them is a long hallways with three mummies, and some hobgoblins that took a shot at them with a slign from behind.

What will they do? Forge on ahead - whichever direction "ahead" means here - or try to fight it out in place? Will they find the secret of the slaver's stockade and complete their mission? Or will they ignominiously submit to a "what would have happened, had you lived" post-action assessment?

Let's find out, shall we?

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