Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Felltower Evade House Rule

After a discussion in the comments of yesterday's post, I decided I should make a quick post for my own reference about how exactly we're using the rules.


As written, except:

- you must make a DX roll to evade an occupant of a hex, friendly or not, to exit on their side of the hex. No one is required to contest it but you must still make the roll.

- it costs +1 movement point to enter an occupied hex, and no additional movement points to move out if you successfully Evade. If you fail, your movement ends.

- Relative SM matters. Apply your relative SM as a bonus (if negative) or a penalty (if positive) to your roll. SM 0 vs. SM 0 is 0, but SM-2 evader vs. SM+1 is a +3 bonus to Evade, while SM+1 evader vs. SM+1 is a -2 to Evade. Relative SM is capped at +/-4. A size difference of 5 or more may mean you can just automatically evade by stepping over - or ducking around - your opponent.


You (u) going from here:


to in front of them here:


Costs 2 to enter b's hex, then 2 to enter e's hex, then 1 to step in front = 5 move, and take two DX rolls (DX, +5 from behind, -5 standing foe.)

If you're already in the hex with your opponent, it costs the normal movement points to enter the hex you're Evading into.


That should work - it's what we do now, with formalized rules for SM and the additional of the movement point cost that Basic Set & DFRPG Exploits apply unevenly as I read them.

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