Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Roundup 4/16/21

A few quick pointers to things to read this week.

- I've been listening to Bret Devereaux get interviewed about the Battle of Helm's Deep and the Siege of Gondor, analyzed as historical military operations. It's really good stuff, especially if you love Tolkein (I don't) or military history (I do). Even if you like neither, it's very accessible if you have a superficial knowledge of the key players in the setting and just want to understand logistics and planning better. Why doesn't Saruman just bypass Helm's Deep? Why does the Witch-King attack Gondor the way he does? And so on.

He also has a fun bit about Julius Caesar and his operating at the end of his logistical tether, and pulling it off over and over. At some point, he says, it's not luck. That's why I argued for giving JC Strategy-17 in GURPS Who's Who 1. There was an argument that he didn't deserve it, because his foes weren't that good. But my argument was that he basically made his opponents look bad, and the ones who were clearly good against other people looked bad against him. That's high skill - consistantly outclassing people.

- Is it possible that there are still seats at this game table? Perhaps. If so, take one.

Crawlers of Scorn

- I usually enjoy reading about kids getting into gaming. Actually getting kids into gaming, not so much. But other people doing so? Sure.

- Writing-wise, I got both of my contracts signed and work happening on both manuscripts. They're due a few weeks apart, which is just dumb on my part, but hey, make hay while the sun is shining.


  1. Tolkien was one of the very first things I read, my dad was a huge fan so gave me the books to read as soon as I learned to read in first grade

    I've now read Keegan Faces of Battle based on your and acoup's recommendation and I enjoyed reading it


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