Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Links & Notes - 4/23/21

- As a huge, huge fan of the Fiend Folio - my first-ever AD&D monster book - I really liked this look at the authors of the monsters and compiler of the book.

Who Wrote the Fiend Folio A-E

Who Wrote the Fiend Folio F-K

Who Wrote the Fiend Folio L-M

Who Wrote the Fiend Folio Final Chapter

Who Wrote the Fiend Folio Epilogue - Don Turnbull

- So the Battletech: Mercenary Collection is on deep sale for GOG newsletter subscribers. ~$14 with all of the DLCs and such. Hmm. SOOOOO tempting. I passed up the base game for $9.99, because I wanted some of the DLC and that would tack on more money. This is a good overall deal. I think my computer could handle it - it's a solid gaming system that exceeds all of the recommended specs, depending on where my laptop GeForce sits on the spectrum of NVIDIA hardware, of course. RAM, processor, etc. - I'm good. Hmm. But I'm playing X-Com and Ultima V, too. This is why I don't finish games that often.

- My writing continues apace. My solo project is actually coming along fast. My co-authored one, not as much, but my co-author is also doing stuff so that's helpful.
When I wrote Megadungeons, it was really slow going. What I eventually turned out needed a lot of help from other authors - especially Douglas Cole - to make it come in under the wordcount. This one is just pouring out of me. Not in order - I never write books in order, sometimes not even sentences, and not this post. But it's fun when it's all going.

- Medieval Price List!

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