Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Writing Update

Quick writing update:

- I have outlines for both projects done.

- My co-author and I are starting to split up work on the co-authored project. I rattled off a few ideas I had in my head to help get the writing flowing.*

- My solo project isn't actually contracted yet, but I assume it will be, so I've started pulling my notes together on it.

My approach generally is to turn the outlines into an editable document and just pour in seperately-written sections, or write directly into the ms (manuscript) as I go. So I really have an ms ready to go from the time I turn in the outline.

I wish I could report more, but really, that's all I have so far. Thins should be more clear in a couple of months.

* Something Michael Suileabhain-Wilson taught me - a bad sentence is more than halfway to a good sentence. So I write down *anything* I think might be useful, no matter how poorly, and go from there.

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