Thursday, April 1, 2021

Wizard Potato Head

New Felltower magic item! I blame Gerry's player for this, because he thought it was funny. He enables a lot of my bad humor.

Wizard Potato Head

Power Item: 1
$ A lot probably, I don't feel like doing the math.

This strangely light, vaguely head-shaped hard brown potato-like lump is about the size of an eggplant and is topped with a blue wizard's hat. It has various holes in it, and comes a pouch ($10, 0.5 lbs) filled with an assortment of facial features of similar material (but in bright, lively colors.) Each feature can be taken out from the bag and placed into the "head" to activate a feature.

Each feature allows you to cast one spell.

All of the features can be placed into the "Wizard Potato Head" at once. However, a feature must be removed and replaced before a spell can be cast from it again, because half of the fun is decorating your new wizard friend.*

The appropriate feature allows the holder to cast:

Wizard Eye
Wizard Mouth
Wizard Nose
Wizard Ear
Wizard Hand
Wizard Feet

Each at Power 20, all at a casting time of 1 second plus the time to ready the feature (1d6 seconds from the pouch - they must be taken from the pouch and put back when you're done playing with them or they'll get lost and/or broken and you're not getting another one), plus a Ready maneuver to place it correctly. This requires two hands - one to place the feature, another to hold the Wizard Potato Head.

Oddly, the Wizard Eye spell generates a pair of eyeglass-wearing googly-looking eyes. They are targeted at -6, not -7. Sadly, "Wizard Feet" doesn't seem to do much except conjure up a pair of hard shoes that don't do anything, probably because real wizards float around with Levitation and don't use their feet except to store their shores. No known use for the spell exists, although Dryst swears the spell is abusive if you know how to use it right. He does not use it, as it costs too much to cast and he doesn't want to waste the energy.

* Your plastic pal who's fun to be with.


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