Sunday, November 24, 2013

DF Game Highlights

Game ran long tonight - we had a high chat-to-game ratio today, as always when we play more infrequently.

But long story short I don't want to stay up late typing up the summary. I am free a bit tomorrow so I'll do it then.

For now:

- Vryce, Galen, Chuck, and Raggi went into Felltower with Father Hans and a shieldbearer in tow, plus an orc guide/warrior.

- the found a new way down to level 2, although it's sub-optimal as there is a No Mana Zone on the way.

- they followed even more stairs down from level 2, and fought a bunch of hobgoblins, siege beasts, and a six-fingered humanoid disguised as a hobgoblin priest.

- Vryce earned MVP with a left-handed catch of a lobbed 5-pint jug of alchemist's fire, which he then lobbed back to divide up the enemy's battlefield order and wreck their formation.

- they picked up some good loot, including the hobgoblin chief's magic dueling halberd.

- they sold the possibly dead six-fingered guys to some very eager orcs, but not before taking his thumb for some Seeker action next time . . .

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