Sunday, November 10, 2013

Felltower DF NPC: Norman the Axe

Here is another of the NPCs from my DF Felltower game. Norman is based on the Squire template from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen. He's built on 125 points, and chose option 3 on the Melee Skill package option.

Norman the Axe

A cold, humorless but effective mercenary soldier. He's guarded caravans, worked for a guild-sponsored militia in Stericksburg, and took a single trip to Felltower. It ended badly, but he's still willing to take another trip into the ruins. Norman lost his mail armor on his one trip into Felltower, but has some heavy leather now as a replacement. His long-term goal is pretty simple - earn enough money to purchase a farm to retire to. His short-term goal is more simple - earn enough money for a sword, some replacement mail, and some better gear in general.

125 points

ST 14 HP 14 Speed 6.25
DX 13 Will 10 Move 5
IQ 10 Per 10 BL 39 lbs.
HT 12 FP 12
Dodge 9 Parry (Axe/Mace) 11+DB Block 11+DB

Axe (15): 2d+2 cut; Reach 1.
Large Knife (13): 2d-2 cut or 1d imp; Reach C.
Light Club (14): 2d crush or 1d+1 crush; Reach 1.

Traits: Bloodlust (12); Born War Leader 1; Callous; Code of Honor (Soldier's); Combat Reflexes; Easy to Read; No Sense of Humor.

Quirks: Really, really hates rust monsters.

Skills: Axe/Mace-15; Armoury (Melee Weapons)-10; Brawling-13; Broadsword-14; Climbing-13; Connoisseur-10; Fast-Draw (one-handed sword)-13; First Aid-12; Heraldry-9; Knife-13; Leadership-10; Shield-15; Stealth-13; Strategy-9; Sumo Wresling-13; Tactics-10; Thrown Weapon (Axe)-14.

Gear: Axe; Backpack; Boots (Feet DR 2); Clothing; Gauntlets (DR 4, hands); Heavy Leather Armor (Arms, Legs, Torso DR 2); Large Knife; Light Club; Personal Basics; Pot Helm (DR 4, skull); Pouch; Small Shield (DB 2).


  1. Maybe you've said elsewhere, but what do your NPC hirelings charge for a trip into the dungeon?

  2. They charge the day rate for the nominal ability - so it's like $30/trip for a bargain henchmen such as Zed or Lew McTorchy, $60/trip for guys like Norman or Grace. The volunteers come for tips, which is why they are so often unreliable and awful.

    Raggi comes for a full share, but he's special. The PCs have joked that he really brings them on trips, not the other way around.

  3. Hey Peter, belated question for you:

    Should not the PCs have reimbursed Norman for the cost of replacing his mail armour, if it was damaged in Felltower? (DF15, p.31)

    1. Probably they should have, but they didn't. He hasn't been back since, either. His willingness to re-enter Felltower competes with his dissatisfaction with his previous' bosses.


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