Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mirado the Sharp

I rolled him up, then I equipped him, but I didn't write him up in a final version. Here he is, while I have five minutes to spare and post.

I was debating back and forth - STR 18 (instead of STR 17) or DEX 14 (instead of 13.) I could take a higher ST and fight better offensively, or take DX 14, just because it opens up the option of Defensive Fighting for a -1 to be hit. Or leave CHA at 12 and hope someday to get it higher so I can get more followers.

Tough call. I went with DEX 14 because I thought he'd be more interesting if I had that option, even if I expect to only use it in extremis.

Mirado the Sharp (title subject to whimsical change)
Human Fighter
Level 1

STR 17 (+2 to hit, +2 damage, doors 1-4, +30 carry bonus)
DEX 14 (+1 to hit with missiles - stacks with STR bonus, +1 AC bonus, Defensive Fighting -1 to be hit)
CON 13 (+1 HP per die, 100% Raise Dead survival)
INT 11 (+2 max additional languages)
WIS 10 (doesn't seem to do anything, regardless of the score)
CHA 10 (4 Special Henchmen maximum)
Luck 5 (we just get this, it sounds like the rule from DCC)
HP 8
AC 6 or 14 (not sure if Erik is using Ascending or Descending AC)
Move 12

Ring and Shield, for -4 AC, 50 lbs, and 45 gp.
Sword, Bastard (10 lbs, 20 gp) - 1d8, 1d8+1 two handed
Axe, Hand (5 lbs, 2 gp) - 1d6, thrown 1d6, ROF 1, 10 ft range
Spear (10 lbs, 1 gp) - 1d6, thrown 1d6, ROF 1, 20 ft range
Short Bow (5 lbs, 15 gp) - 1d6, ROF 2, 50 ft range
Arrows (20) (1 lb, 2 gp)
Dagger (2 lbs, 2 gp) - 1d4, thrown 1d4, ROF 1, 10 ft range
Backpack (30 lbs capacity) (5 gp, ?? lbs.) (weight isn't listed anywhere that I can see, for any of this gear)
Bedroll (0.2 gp)
Flint & Steel (1 gp)
Oil, Lamp x 5 (0.5 gp) (this doubles as Greek Fire, which is why I need some)
Sack x 1 (30 lbs capacity) (2 gp)
Torch x 3 (0.03 gp)
Waterskin (1 gp)
Rations, Trail x 2 days (1 gp)
Rations, Dried x 2 days (2 gp)
Total: 12.73 gp
78 lbs of gear (next encumbrance threshold is 105 lbs)

Treasure: 0.27 gp

History: Mirado is a warrior seeking his fortune in the world. He has some pie-in-the-sky goals about ruling a kingdom, but otherwise he's pretty down-to-earth. He changes his title as fortune smiles or spits upon him, as he sees it. He's brave but not especially foolish.

Notes: I'll edit in damage details later, my open free time window just closed.

Editing later:

-Fixed Wisdom, which I forgot to knock down 2 points for the +1 to DEX.
- Added damage to weapons.
- Still need to find out how much my non-weapon non-armor gear weighs.

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