Sunday, November 17, 2013

DF Felltower NPCs: Korric and Orrie

Here are two more NPCs from my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy "Felltower" game. Korric and Orrie were generated to fill in details for two men-at-arms in the module B2, which my players romped through as a warmup for the actual megadungeon game play.

Korric and Orrie

Korric and Orrie were originally soldiers from Arras, a western city state, who traveled with the merchant to the keep and got nabbed by raiding hobgoblins. They were rescued by some adventurers who raided the hobgoblins in turn. They served the group briefly in return for room and board but since have since taken up employment as guards at Falcon's Keep. They occasionally travel to Stericksburg while guarding caravans, and might be persuaded to take up halberds and explore the sinister ruins of Felltower.

ST 13 HP 13 Speed 6.00
DX 11 Will 10 Move 5
IQ 10 Per 10
HT 12 FP 12
Dodge 8 Parry (Polearm) 9 9+DB Block 9+DB

Dueling Halberd (13): 2d+3 cut, Reach 1,2* Parry U; 2d+2 imp, Reach 1,2* Parry U; 1d+3 imp, Reach 1,2*)
Large Knife (12): 2d-2 cut (C, 1) or 1d impale (C).

Traits: Code of Honor (Soldier's); Compulsive Carousing (12); Sense of Duty (Rescuers); Teamwork; Wealth (Struggling).
Skills: Armoury (Melee Weapons)-10; Brawling-11; Carousing-12; Knife-12; Polearm-13; Sumo Wrestling-10; Stealth-12.
Equipment: Boots (DR2), Clothing; Dueling Halberd, Large Knife; Leather Armor (DR2), Personal Basics; Pouch; Pot Helm (DR4, skull); Wineskin (1 quart capacity).

Notes: Korric and Orrie have the same Teamwork perk, and can take advantage of either other's Feints.


  1. I have been enjoying all of your npc postings, a big fan of Felltower. I used the long gone's Advanced Goblins&Grottoes AD&D to GURPS 3e back in 2002 on and have been converting it to DF. Your blog has been very helpful in the reformulation.

    1. I'm glad my blog is helping. Half of its purpose is to give me a place to write about my games, but the other half is to help people who want to play the same types of games (with or without GURPS). :)

    2. I have enjoyed your blog thoughroughly. My style of play has a little more town going on, and I disagree with Dr.Kromm on the topic of PC enchanters, but I loved your run through B2 and the attempt at parleying with the hobgoblins that ended up in the near tpk teleport.
      As my cobbled together online group is not always aware of which character is a pc and which isn't, some entertaining issues have developed.


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