Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DF Knight: Tarjan Telnar

This is Tarjan Telnar, my 300-point knight from the sadly short-lived GURPS Midgaard campaign. He is built on 300 points, and is centered on three things I like:
- morningstars
- do-overs (hence, Luck)
- and fighting, hence maximized fighting power.

He's built as a uni-dimensional death machine, basically so that way no one else really needed to be a major league combat power in the game he was for. He could handle fighting, letting other players shine in moments where fighting wasn't important. Not only that, but he could reasonably cut a lot of fights short, further allowing people to have a chance to do something else besids grind down foes.

I edited this off of a GCA export, hence the details and format that I don't normally use.

Tarjan Telnar
300 pts
Human Male
6' 4", 225, Age 30
Brown hair, brown eyes, brown beard and mustache. Open, honest face with a oft-broken nose.

Attributes [202]
ST 17 [70]
DX 14 [80]
IQ 10
HT 14 [40]

HP 23 [12]
Will 13 [15]
Per 10
FP 14

Basic Lift 58
Damage 1d+2/3d-1
Basic Speed 6.25 [-15]
Basic Move 6

Advantages [90]

Armor Mastery [5]
Born War-Leader (2) [10]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Fit [5]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Luck [15]
Slayer Training (Morningstar Swing to Skull) [5]
Trading Character Points for Money ($2,500) [5]
Weapon Master (Morningstar) [20]

Perks [4]

Honest Face [1]
No Hangover [1]
Shield-Wall Training [1]
Trademark Move (Tarjan's Twofer) (Rapid Strike (-3/-3) to Skull (-3 w/Slayer Training), net -6, +1 for Trademark Move = -5/-5) [1]

Disadvantages [-60]

Bloodlust (9 or less) [-15]
Code of Honor (Soldier's) [-10]
Compulsive Carousing (12 or less) [-5]
Greed (12 or less) [-15]
Sense of Duty (Adventuring companions) [-5]
Vow (Never refuse a challenge to combat) [-10]

Quirks [-5]

Affects to hold no grudges against former foes [-1]
Broad-Minded [-1]
Mildly embarrassed by his bloodlust [-1]
Trademark: carves TT mark into his crossbow bolts to ID his hits [-1]
Tugs his beard while thinking [-1]

Skills [69]

Armoury/TL3 (Body Armor) IQ/A - IQ+2 12 [8]
Brawling DX/E - DX+1 15 [2]
Carousing HT/E - HT+0 14 [1]
Climbing DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Connoisseur (Weapons) IQ/A - IQ+1 11 [4]
Crossbow DX/E - DX+2 16 [4]
Fast-Draw (Knife) DX/E - DX+1 15 [1]
     includes: +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'
Flail DX/H - DX+7 21 [32]
Forced Entry DX/E - DX+0 14 [1]
Gesture IQ/E - IQ+0 10 [1]
Knife DX/E - DX+0 14 [1]
Leadership IQ/A - IQ+1 11 [1]
     includes: +2 from 'Born War-Leader'
Shield (Shield) DX/E - DX+2 16 [4]
Stealth DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Strategy (Land) IQ/H - IQ+1 11 [2]
     includes: +2 from 'Born War-Leader'
Sumo Wrestling DX/A - DX+0 14 [2]
Swimming HT/E - HT+0 14 [1]
Tactics IQ/H - IQ+1 11 [2]
     includes: +2 from 'Born War-Leader'

Hand Weapons
Large Shield  LC:4  $190  Wgt:18.75 
    Bash  Dam:1d+2 cr  Reach:1
    Rush  Dam:slam+3 cr  Reach:1

Fine Balanced Dwarven Silver-Coated Morningstar LC:4  $1040  Wgt:6 
    Dam:3d+8 cr  Reach:1  Parry:15

Small Knife   LC:4  $30  Wgt:.5 
    Swing  Dam:2d-2 cut  Reach:C,1  Parry:10
    Thrust  Dam:1d imp  Reach:C  Parry:10

Ranged Weapons

Crossbow (ST 17)  LC:4  Dam:1d+6 imp  Acc:4  Range:340 / 425 
    RoF:1  Shots:1(4)  ST:7†  Bulk:-6  Rcl:  $150  Wgt:6  Notes:[3] 

Small Knife  LC:4  Dam:1d+1 imp  Acc:0  Range:9 / 17 
    RoF:1  Shots:T(1)  ST:5  Bulk:-1  Rcl:  $30  Wgt:.5 

Armor & Possessions

Backpack, Small  $60  Wgt:3
Blanket  $20  Wgt:4
Boots  $100  Wgt:2.25  Location:feet 
Canteen  $10  Wgt:3 
Cloth Armor  $55  Wgt:6  Location:torso, groin 
Cloth Cap  $8  Wgt:0  Location:skull 
Cloth Gloves  $18  Wgt:0  Location:hands 
Cloth Sleeves  $28  Wgt:2  Location:arms 
20  Crossbow Bolt  $40  Wgt:1.2  Location: 
Greathelm  $373  Wgt:7.5  Location:skull, face, neck 
Heavy Gauntlets  $263  Wgt:1.875  Location:hands 
Helmet Lamp  $100  Wgt:2
Hip Quiver  $15  Wgt:1 
Lanyard, Leather  $1  Wgt:0
Mail Coif  $240  Wgt:3
Mail Hauberk  $380  Wgt:18.75
Mail Leggings  $185  Wgt:11.25
Mail Sleeves  $108  Wgt:6.75 
2  Oil (per pint)  $4  Wgt:2
Ordinary Clothes (Status +0)  $0  Wgt:2
Personal Basics  $5  Wgt:1
12  Rations  $24  Wgt:
Rope, 3/8'' (per 10 yards)  $5  Wgt:1.5

 It's hard to see in the above, but his armor is all Fortify +1, Lighten 25% and it's all layered. This would normally be a problem for a GURPS character but Armor Mastery allows layering without a penalty, and indeed gives him a +1. So his DR is 8/6* most places, going up to 9 on Face, 14 on Neck, and 19 on the skull. His morningstar does 3d+8 with a skill of 22, and his "Twofer" and Slayer Training make double skull shots (on different targets) easy (17 or less on each one, still high enough for a good Deceptive Attack or just maximizing critical successes.)

Tarjan did work as intended - he destroyed anything he came near. I had a lot of fun running him.


  1. I think I only played GURPS once. I was an albino goblin with all sorts of problems, including a romantic fascination with female dwarves. What do you like about GURPS vs AD&D?

    1. There are a lot of reasons. A quick handful off the top of my head:

      - non-random characters
      - no classes, just abilities you can combine as you like
      - flexibility to handle multiple genres
      - consistent rules, not a variety of systems with a variety of resolution methods
      - combat is less abstracted
      - all combats are potentially lethal and must be treated as such

      Like I said, off the top of my head. But that's partly why. I miss having huge lists of monsters and lots of ready-to-go adventures. But not enough to go back to it.


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