Sunday, November 3, 2013

Felltower DF NPC: Grace the Slick

Here is another NPC from my Felltower game, run with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. Grace the Slick lived and died in a single session, but she's a good example of what you can do with the 125-point Cutpurse template from Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen. If you wondered if one of the authors uses the templates, the answer is clear - yes. I pitched that book because I wanted Sean Punch to help me write templates for my own game. Like the man says, we eat our own brand of dogfood.

Grace the Slick got named because of some odd invoking of Grace Slick during the setup of the game. I'm not sure why - maybe a mix-up with Grace Jones, maybe an odd tangent. But when the PCs hired a thief, I pulled out a busty female thief Cardboard Hero and put her on the table and announced her name. Grace the Slick.

She died, cut down along with others in Felltower during a messy expedition. Her writeup is as of the start of the expedition, in case you'd like to lift her stats for use in your own games.

Grace the Slick

Grace is a bit tired and strung-out looking. She'd be more attractive if it didn't look like she was a bit too wired and lacking just a bit too much sleep. Despite that, she's a competent thief and her shakes calm down when business is at hand. Grace is a skilled lock-picker, knowledgeable about traps, and has a keen eye in general. She's not actually lazy, so much as just tired from hard living, and gets little done in her "free time." She's a good and loyal adventuring companion, provided you pay her salary and ensure she gets enough of a bonus to not look askance at the haul you took home.

Quote: "I r-really need this job! You can rely on me, I'm not t-this shaky when I'm picking locks."
125 points

ST 10 HP 10 Speed 6.00
DX 14 Will 12 Move 5
IQ 12 Per 14
HT 10 FP 11
Dodge 8 Parry (Smallsword) 10

Smallsword (14): 1d-1 imp; Reach 1. Cumulative parry at -2 each.
Small Knife (14): 1d-2 cut or 1d-3 imp; Reach C.

Traits: Code of Honor (Stays Bought); Compulsive Carousing (6); Greed (12); High Manual Dexterity 3; Laziness; Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions); Social Stigma (Criminal).

Quirk: Twitchy and stutters slightly.

Skills: Brawling-14; Carousing-11; Climbing-14; Filch-14*; Fast-Draw (Knife)-14; Fast-Draw (One Handed Sword)-14; Fast-Talk-11; First Aid-12; Forced Entry-15 (11 if ST based); Knife-14; Lockpicking-12 (17 based on DX); Pickpocketing-13*; Observation-13; Search-13; Smallsword-14; Smuggling-11; Stealth-14; Streetwise-12; Traps-13 (15 Per based, 18 DX based); Urban Survival-11.

Gear: Backpack; Boots (Feet DR 2); Clothing; Light Leather Armor (Arms, Legs, Torso DR 1); Lockpicks; Personal Basics; Pouch; Sack (with $ written on it); Smallsword; Small Knife.

* In my game, I merged some skills. In actual play, she had Pickpocketing-14 because I merged Filch and Pickpocket.

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