Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random Thoughts 11/13 - Ogre in the house

Ogre Designer's Edition arrived yesterday . . . so I will be spending a bit of time opening it open and checking it out today. Not much because I have a lot of work to do, but it'll get opened.

It's big - very big. I can't call 28 pounds heavy, although that's certainly heavy for a game. It's certainly too big to bring anywhere, or put on the top shelf. I do need to pick up a few copies of the Pocket Ogre edition when it rolls out for $2.95, if only to give out as gifts or prizes for students who beat me at games of skill.

Writing - I am still working on a couple of articles with a co-author, one DF-related and the other . . . DF-related. It happens. My writing tends to center on what I'm playing. I also got a final review look at another DF-related article I co-authored with Sean Punch. Hurrah! Not sure when it'll come out, but it came out well. More stuff for your DF characters to play with, that is, if they like hitting stuff.

Minis - No painting. I always stop painting when it gets cold. I have two almost-finished monsters that I might need, though, and I'll quickly finish them if the PCs head down to level (redacted) of my dungeon.

Reading - I will try to get post about my read-through of DCC and one of St. George's Cathedral up soon.

Felltower - more NPCs are on the way - probably another one on a non-gaming Sunday. I'll take requests to stat up guys from Df15 that aren't from my game, too, if someone just wants to see how a certain type of henchmen looks all worked out for play.

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