Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DF book writing update

As you might have seen on Dr. Kromm's blog, I've got a DF project more or less set for text. That means it's in production and we just needed to play around with the wordcount to make it all fit right. By "we" I mean I did some words, and people much more qualified than I did the rest - editing, layout, etc.

I can't really say much about the book itself, except that:

- it's a PDF, not a hard copy (as is generally true these days);
- it's in the Dungeon Fantasy line, where a lot of my attention has been lately (My last, uhm, three books and four articles have been DF related*);
- you'll recognize bits if you've paid attention to my own personal DF game.

I also put in an outline for yet another DF book. Of course, it'll draw on my current DF game too. Whenever possible, I like to turn my gaming material into other people's gaming material, and I like to know that what I put in front of others has been used in actual play.

I had ideas past that, but it's one book at a time. Not only that, but I prefer my players discover things in play (or try them out) before I turn them into books. Plus I'm crazy busy - three jobs, and two are pretty big ones and the other requires a lot of outside work. I can't write at the pace that I'd like. Still, SJG is nice enough to allow me to set some pretty far-out deadlines, sometimes, so I can contract for a book and still be sure I'll get it in on time.

So, hurrah, one book is getting closer and closer to release, and another is starting to be born. I'm glad to close off the gap between them and get writing on the next.

* DF12, DFM1, DF15 for books, Power-Ups for Assassins, Terrible & Dire Monsters, Horde Ninja, and more Power-Ups for articles. For links and details, click here.


  1. Woo! So we need to bug Dr. Kromm to get it out the door then?

    1. No! It's not in his hands right now. Besides, they move things along pretty efficiently . . . bothering my publisher isn't a great idea . . .

    2. Was yoke! Sorry. I would never do something like that.


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