Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bard's Tale IV

So there is a Kickstarter for Bard's Tale IV

I'm hesitating on this - I'm not sure I want another "all of my guys go one at a time, then the bad guys" combat game. I haven't enjoyed that as much as I had in the past. Part of the fun of Bard's Tale I (besides fighting 396 berserkers) was the whole giving commands and then seeing what happened. That massive 396 vs. 7 fight of the mid-80s would take a whole day to finish going one by one.

But I might change my mind, we'll see. If I don't change it before the Early Bird tier goes away, though, I'll have to pay $27 instead . . . which means actually paying $0 and taking a pass on it. It's tempting, though - Wasteland 2 was fun enough, but at the same time I have Torment: Tides of Numenera on my "not even shipped yet" to play list.

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