Saturday, June 27, 2015

GURPS Live broadcast. and a blatant book hint

I missed this on Thursday, not the least of which is because I had no idea they even did these Hangouts on Air. I was at work, anyway.

But here is Sean Punch and Steven Marsh talking about the GURPS line, for over an hour:

If you listen closely at the end with the what's coming up part, you will hear a totally blatant hint about my upcoming book, which I talked about here earlier this week.

Sean Punch did on his blog, too, mentioning that it is in production now.


  1. So the order is something like:

    GURPS Social Engineering: Training by William "Jesus" H. Stoddard
    GURPS Space Related by Elizabeth (the real) McCoy
    GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Series 1: The Start of the Series by Peter V. (for Vryce's victory) Dell'Orto
    GURPS Thaumatology: Yet Another Magic System by Jason "PK" (psychokinesis) Levine
    GURPS Action 4: Don't Forget about the Action Line! by Sean "Kromm" (-ment) Punch
    GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Another Series 1: So You Say You Want Another Series? by Matt "Eleanor" Riggsby

    If the order is important.

    How easy will it be to write for your series, Peter?

    1. For me, the book was pretty easy. I think it'll depend on the specific book in the series. I expect other authors will jump in on it, if the book sells well enough to justify the continuation of the series.

      I had an idea for a 2nd book but until we see how book 1 does it's not clear book 2+ is a good idea. Hence me jumping into different part of the DF pool for the next book.

    2. Does it involve a topic relating to the Cold Fens, or only things down in Felltower? Color me intrigued.

    3. Material in the book has shown up in both sub-sections of my DF game!

    4. if the book sells well enough to justify the continuation of the series.

      Good Not to count your chickens, but I suspect that every DF book has sold well enough to justify expanding each Topic. Even DF Adventure #1 probably broke the adventures curse.

    5. Mirror of the Fire Demon sold 446 in its first year, which is respectable but not great. Ninja, Loadouts, Psis, and Henchmen (!) sold less in their first years. I don't have figures after that, since we can't get them anymore.

  2. Sigh; now to conjure up an uninterrupted hour!


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