Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Link Roundup

In the past couple of days I worked a lot, and read a lot, and did some work proposals.

A few things I did read one ones I wanted to share, here, to make sure other people didn't miss them. Or just ones I was amused by.

Dungeon Puzzles - If you struggle to use player-facing puzzles in your game (IOW, ones that require player skill), this is great advice. It's actually such good advice it's worth reading even if you're pretty sure you have puzzles nailed. Its a good bit of advice about how to signal solutions, and what's probably the most fair and useful approach to riddles.

Taking a Popular Setting and Making it Your Own - interesting approaches to running a game in a popular setting. I've had my own experiences and my own take, but Tim's got some experience I found thought-provoking.

Intellect Devourers - I feel the same way about them. Mind Flayer hounds? Nah. Pure nightmare with no connection to anyone else.

Table of Wandering Damage and Doom _ I was right there until the "not to be taken seriously" note at the end. Why not? I have wandering damage in my GURPS Cold Fens game! It's an idea with deep roots.

Speaking of wandering damage . . .

Rot Grubs: Dungeon Hazard for D&D 5th Edition - Heh. I wish I'd thought of posting that.


  1. Your first link is rather uncanny; off the cuff last night I posted up about difficulties in player/character challenge puzzles. Will definitely give it a read when I've a moment. Cheers!

  2. I do have a huge 100 plus page encounter/random events table I 've used in the past that my players nicknamed the Big Table of Wanderign Damage but as aleays it needs editing and system conversion to be presentable to other humans (and a slight purging of "borrowed" work).


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