Friday, June 26, 2015

New GURPS Advantage: Combat Veteran

This is for Martin, who suggested it yesterday in the comments. It's something I used in all of my campaigns up to (but not including) my DF game. This writeup was found in a file called FANT.RUL and dated 7/3/1996. Actually the file even says, basically, here it is again for you guys who don't know this advantage.

Combat Veteran (8 points)
Combat Veteran is a halfway mark between nothing and CR, and can be “upgraded” to CR by spending the additional points.
CV gives a +2 to Battle Skill
+1 to initiative if you are the leader of your group
+2 to Fright Checks
+6 to wake up and suprise and mental stun
Will not freeze.

Yes, I know surprise is spelled wrong above. Now I do, anyway.

And there you go. 8 points, can be upgraded to full Combat Reflexes for 7 more, and that 7 more is a steal. Yet not one magic user every took CR, because it doesn't add to Blocking spells, so it wasn't important that they waste 7 points instead of getting 7 more spells.

Feel free to use this.

* Remember when extensions didn't matter, because the computer didn't run things for you automatically anyway? I do.

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