Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Busy working on my book

I got a revised draft of my latest DF book back this week. Today's free writing time is largely dedicated to working on the draft.

I can't say much except to say:

- it looks good.

- I found odd things I missed the first time through.

- I haven't the slightest idea when the book is due for release. I'm assuming 2016, but I don't even know that much. My job is to write them, I leave all the rest in the able hands of SJG!

I'll try to get a non-book-related post up later today if I can, between work shifts and playoff hockey. If not, see you on GURPSday.


  1. This is the one that the 1/5/2016 Illuminator said was a DF Monsters project, right?

    1. Huh. I didn't even see that post. I'll let people draw their own conclusions!

    2. It's a Man Was Not Meant Know book of DF monsters! I just know it, just as my GM is looking around for interesting things for my Sage (budding Mentalist) to deal with! Oh woe is me!

  2. Best of luck on the book! I've read some of the DF publications; fun supplements, even if I'm not actively running anything in it. Good ideas in there that can apply to many other game types.


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