Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Orlens, Troll, Orc, Pirate minis

Here are five more finished minis.

There were all done except for the flat coat spray and some final touch-ups. Yesterday was hot and dry so I quickly did both of those things before it gets hot and humid.

Here are:

Two TSR trolls, a Black Tree Design orc shaman, a TSR Gamma World Orlens, and a Foundry pirate.

The trolls I did in my boring, typical style - greens and blacks, with shiny gloss black eyes. Nothing exciting except that I'd traded the one guy away to Jay A~ in Junior High and now I've got one back.

The orc, well, I needed another orc wizard figure. He's very big, though, even by "large orc" standards. He'd be a plausible half-ogre based on thickness and hand and head size. But still, I like him. I gave him the way-too-blue cloak fringe and kilt edge because orcs don't have fashion sense, and it makes the figure very bright.

The orlens has aluminum, platinum, and gunmetal, and grey. I wanted "leftover high tech" to be the feel, and giving her an oddly orange skin tone seemed like a nice Gamma World touch. It was actually by mistake - I had some extra "bronze flesh wash" out and she was primed white, so I just put it on . . . and it looked good. One more layer and that was that.

By the way her spear is wrapped in a cord that I painted as copper . . . probably a lead for her electrical generation powers or leading to a battery pack used to add some zap to the spear. The shield is disappointingly plain, though - I'd have loved a STOP sign.

Finally that's a Foundry pirate, but my color scheme made him more of a frontier militiaman. I kind of like how it worked though. What to do with him? I'll bust him out if we play pirates again, otherwise, he's just going to sit in the box looking good.


  1. Those are quite cool, especially the trolls. Cheers, Karl

  2. What do you need so many orc wizards for, huh? Huh?!

    1. That's a post all by itself - the importance of supernatural support for mundane foes in GURPS DF.

    2. Hjalmarr has a new quirk: Gets excited about the prospect of killing Orc wizards.

      Qpop: funny.


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