Friday, April 1, 2016

Skull Helmets

So I mentioned skull helmets the other day. Wouldn't it be nice if someone did the math for you on available helmets?

I think so, so here they are. Remember these are rules for making skulls into helmets, not designing a metal or leather helmet to resemble a skull. That's either Ornate or Fetish, depending on the construction, but it's not a "skull helmet."

Technically, you could make a "Bronze Helmet" or "Bronze Pot-Helm" into a skull helmet, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. Here are the ones for which it does, plus a bonus - the skull face mask!

I've thrown in the cost for Crude, because that's going to be a pretty common request. Remember Crude crushes resale value, so they don't make great loot.

Legionary Helmet: DR 3, 4.5 lbs, $150 ($120 if Crude) - 9 lbs, $300 ($240) for SM+1.
Barrel Helm: DR 4, 7.5 lbs, $240 ($192 if Crude) - 15 lbs, $480 ($384) for SM+1.
Face Mask: DR 3, 1.5 lbs, $100 ($80 if Crude) - 3 lbs., $200 ($160) for SM+1.
Great Helm: DR 5, 7.5 lbs, $340 ($255 if Crude) - 15 lbs, $680 ($544) for SM+1.
Pot Helm: DR 3, 3.75 lbs, $100 ($80 if Crude) - 7.5 lbs, $200 ($160) for SM+1.

Face masks aren't one of the listed possibilities in Barbarians, but that's okay. I think you could make a good, scary animal-skull or monster-skull mask, too.

Don't forget your options:

Fetishes (Barbarians, p. 28) are a good addition to make it look cooler. Plus it gives a reaction roll from animals and many monsters!

Horns (Barbarians, p. 28) are common. You have to separately account for cost and weight, they aren't included. But either decorative horns (if you like to use Intimidation) or combat horns (if you like to use Headbutts) can significantly enhance the value of your headgear. Don't forget they need to be sized-up to SM+1 for most barbarians.

And remember, non-barbarians can use this kind of gear. It's just people treat you like a outlander when you dress like one, and the rules reflect that.


  1. Damn, I forgot to save a pentanther skull for this. And they had five each!! Next critter we kill, after Gerry zombies it, the skull is mine.

    1. Just note the "no long counts as full nudity" ruling I made. You can't be claiming game effects from a cool helmet and game effects from not wearing anything but a loincloth. Still, there are bonuses from the helm . . .

      Don't forget you'll need to get it drilled out and fitted as a helmet, or make an Armoury (Body Armor) roll to make it yourself. Which, being a shirtless savage, I don't think you have.

  2. Sure, a skull helmet looks cool, but it's not like it helped the last guy using it.

    (Though the same argument could be made for leather armor.)

    1. And for the iron golem skins Knights wear, too!


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