Thursday, April 21, 2016

My work here is done - Pyramid 3/90

Pyramid 3/90 just came out today, and it's got an article by me about using the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters line as a source of monster for the After the End line of books.

With it, I have achieved possibly my crowning achievement as a GURPS author. No, not a secret Strongbad reference. Not a Rancid quote. Not even an unnecessarily clever joke about the bad guy of a bad ninja TV show.

None of that rises to this level.

Behold, I have managed to work in a Mutants of 2051 A.D. reference* in an official publication!

Clearly, I have not wasted the several hundred hours I spent studying the source material.

* Say it with me, eh? "Ten years after World War 4 . . . " It's the Citizen Kane of movies! Oh, wait . . .


  1. That's even more esoteric than and almost as cool as a Spinal Tap reference. I'm going to lobby for a Zappa quote if one of my Pyramid articles gets published.

    I always thought DF Ninja needed a Binder of Shame reference, as long as we're on this kind of thing.

  2. Are you friendly?
    No way, eh? Raadiation has made me an enemy of civilization.

    1. That's the very one.

      You knob. You win a beer and a six pack of cruellers.


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