Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DF Game PC Roster

I know it can get confusing sorting out the PCs in my DF game. After all, I don't list who the players are, on purpose, so it's not always clear who runs who.

But I figured I'd list the PCs who are run by the same players. Hopefully this format makes sense.

I tried to put them in order, and put a * next to deceased PCs.

- Vryce and Gerrald "Gerry" Tarrant are run by the same player.

- Volos*, Nakar the Unseen*, Dryst, Rahtnar the Vegan*, and Angus McSwashy are all the same player.

- Fuma*, Kullockh*, then Christoph, Asher Crest-fallen*, and now Quenton Gale are all the same player's characters.

- Al Murik*, El Murik*, and now Mo Kle are all run by the same player.

- Bjorn Felmanson* then Hjalmarr Holgarson are the same player's characters.

- Hannibal the Flammable Barca*, then Hasdrubel Stormcaller Barca are obviously the same player's characters.**

- Galoob Jah and Kenner Baumfellen are both one player's characters.

- Borriz Borrizmann.

- Galen Longtread.

- Honus Honusson.

- Bern Brambleberry.

- Dave the Knight.

- Inquisitor Marco*, then Chuck Morris.

I put them roughly in "currently playing" and "not currently playing" groups. We've had 13 players running PCs in the group, but we've got a pool of about 7-8 playing right now. We have a very occasional guest star who's dropped in and run an NPC or two for us, but who can't commit even to occasional game sessions - he's not counted in the 13 since he doesn't have a PC. I don't think I missed any PCs.

All characters start at 250+50+5, and players can potentially have as many characters as they want - but I don't count, and don't care about, "potential" characters. We only count PCs who've actually made a delve. Ones not in current rotation are usually assumed to be off "somewhere" doing "something" for a living, and unavailable. We've made very small allowances where that removes a campaign obstacle. For example, Vryce and Dryst passing along some armor, maps, extensive background information, and keys to the group in session 74 so the players could use all of their built-up knowledge and resources. Otherwise, characters aren't in play until they've entered play, and when they leave they take their abilities with them. No "cleric I made up to heal us in town!" or "thief with Very Wealthy who sells our gear for a tiny cut!"

And although we joked that Dryst and Vryce should ask for a full share in return for their help, we'd probably avoid going that route. It's fraught with too much potential for abuse (make a guy, run him once, leave him in town and lend out his skills for a share) and too little fun.

I hope this helps answer questions about why you never see Vryce adventure with Gerry, or why Galoob and Kenner don't team up, or why some characters have such similar names to fallen friends . . .

** I can't wait until a critical spell failure inevitably introduces us to Hamilcar.


  1. The PC roster makes me think of a slightly different system, one in which the players who turn up pick the PC they want to run in a particular session out of the shared pool.

    I would think about it in a game influenced by a movie like Avatar, a game like LOL or where the PCs are like suits of armor (or cybershells) anyone can wear.

    To be clearer I'd probably suggest a core PC for each player and that's theirs to do with as they please, but each session they can try out the bloodthirsty fighter or the cowardly but clever assassin etc just bring what's left back at the end.

    I'd put in some interesting interaction between the core PC and the shell.

  2. Vryce and Dryst can definitely have a full share from this most recent delve.


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