Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gamma Terra pre-summary

We had a really productive Gamma Terra session today. If I have time, I'll do the summary tonight - but I doubt I will. This might have to do.

Despite having only four of our six players, we managed quite a lot. We:

- made friends with some of the professional scavengers

- met an old guy named Elk who told us more of the situation

- bought a glass dagger, so I could go all Roberto on people

- made a deal to met the Triumvirate

- took a trip to the ziggurat and found our about the Faction War and the Apocalypse (back in 2122)

- found some androids, cleaned out a clinic, looted some still powered residences, and otherwise played Dungeon Robber.

- avoided killing a hapless NPC

- met the Triumvirate and found out one of the three is 20th Homeland. Dun-dun-daaaaaaaah!

Fun session. Lots of stuff got done. We'd have done more, even, had we had our two others. Next time . . . details to follow.


  1. How well does Gamma Terra fit with After The End?


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