Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Doors, Doors, Doors

Recently, I took care of my limited door selection.

I did this through several clever means:

- trading with Archon Shiva, then . . .

- complaining about my lack of doors in front of my players, who bought be a set of doors, then finally . . .

- kit-bashing the doors I got into the doors I wanted.

Pictures behind the cut.

Here are the doors my player's got me, plus my original two and original portcullis.

 photo Doors 005s_zpsmurnjpb3.jpg

 photo Doors 004s_zpsfjld7meu.jpg

The new Dwarven Forge doors are lighter, but not removable. Sadly, one is warped and I can't seem to bend it back into a good shape. I'll check forums and see if there is a good way to do it. The new portcullis is much better. The softer plastic means that unlike the resin one, it's not fragile. My original one is missing a tooth, and it's because it snapped off the very first time I let the portcullis slide down. Yeah, it snapped from a head-on impact with the a table from a height of about one inch. Color me not impressed, so much so that I wouldn't have picked one of them a la carte. The new one in the set is nice, though.

Next are some gigantic doors from Archon Shiva's collection, plus two Mantic doors. I need to pain the Mantic ones, they're good placeholder doors on a map.

These are excellent and have working bars. Plus, they come off. That lets me make them into the giant double doors I wanted - a good 10' across each on a hex map, and stood together with post tack and a base, they work well.

 photo Doors 003s_zps0odfreds.jpg

 photo Doors 002s_zpsvsnlvoi2.jpg

 photo Doors 001s_zpsrugnzxyk.jpg

Overall, I think I'm good on doors! Thanks to everyone who made this happen.


  1. Glad you like 'em. Cool use as double doors. If it wasn't obvious, the two frames lock into each other at a 60 degrees angle.

    The DF dwarvenite doors are removable, you need to bend the frame out slightly. Not something you want to do repeatedly, but it's useful for mods (or to better paint the demon door).

    You can put the bent door into boiling water for about a minute, you should be able to straighten it as it cools. Don't directly rub the paint it shouldn't visibly affect it (I just did it to some KS3 pieces).

    1. I'm with Archon here; I've de-warped resin before using very hot water.

    2. So boil, and bend and hold but try not to rub against the paint?

      FYI you can see the bent one on top of the packed box.

    3. I just plunk them on the bottom of the (flat-ish) kitchen sink and spray cold water on. DF paint really isn't that fragile: just don't rub them dry, basically.


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