Sunday, September 24, 2017

DF Felltower today

We've got a session of Felltower on tap today. It's looking like we should be able to get in a good number of sessions before the end of the year - lots of potential gaming days on my calendar at least. Not as many as I'd like, but still a good number.

It should be a relatively small crew today, unlike the larger groups we had earlier this year. But that's actually more normal, to me. I should go back and count the number of players per session overall for Felltower, but 4-5 is pretty standard, and for all of the 6+ player sessions we had a number of 1-3 player sessions as well. That's another area where a megadungeon can shine - there are places you want to go after with a big group. And there are places you're going to move around in when only a few people can show up.

So expect a summary teaser tonight, and then if I have time I should get up a full summary tomorrow or Tuesday.

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