Friday, September 29, 2017

Writing update

Here is a quick writing update:

- I've got a Pyramid article written and in editing. By "in editing" I mean I asked Christopher Rice to look at it and he sent me a long list of stuff that shows how nothing I wrote made any sense. Next step, fixing it so it does.

- I've got another Pyramid article 90% written, but the missing 10% is the good bit. That will get done in the next day or so. Really, it's done, but the stuff that will make it really zing is kind of weak and needs to go and be replaced.

Both are DF-related (and/or DFRPG related, naturally).

- I've actually got a 1/3-done outline to submit once I finish the other 2/3. The problem is that I have so much non gaming writing to do - plus a recent upsurge in work hours - that I haven't had time to finish it. Nevermind if I submit it, my deadline would need to be "Reply Crazy, Ask Again Later."

- I actually have a lot of ideas of things to write - articles, a book, blog posts. But it's closing in on CEU crunch time for my professional certifications, which means I need to shift to dealing with those first. Gaming gets prioritized ahead of game writing, and studies ahead of gaming, and work ahead of studies. So it's a tough time to be all like, "Holy crud, this would make a fantastic article!" Post-it notes full of idea abound.


  1. Sometimes writers wonder why editors keep them around, because it seems like editors want the writers to change everything. Don't worry, we like writers. We tell you how bad you are at writing because we love you.

    1. Also, because if you wrote, then you'd be writers, not editors.

  2. Do you write the rules for both systems in your articles?

    1. I don't think I need to - anything DFRPG-compatible should just work for DF, as far as I can see.


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