Monday, September 18, 2017

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing 2nd edition Humble Bundle

Thanks to Erik Tenkar for pointing this out.

There is a Humble Bundle of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing game books.

$1 will get you the WFRPG rulebook, 2nd edition, in PDF, plus three books.

Higher tiers will get you more.

II went in for it - $1 for something to read on my Kindle on vacation. WHFRPG 1st edition made my head spin, with all of the misery of being a spellcaster, profession-hoping, and mechanics I couldn't quite understand right away. But it had nice flavor (flavour?) to it. You can throw in more for more books, or just to support the charities they're supporting.


  1. I think I played a session of this online once about 3-4 years ago. Pretty sure my guy's career path was a Charcoal Burner (paving the way for a Ranger-type eventually). Those profession backgrounds were pretty neat.

    1. I thought they were neat, too. But coming from AD&D (pick your class) and GURPS (build your character), the whole profession path made it hard to do what I usually do. That is, quickly visualize the character I'd like to use to learn and explore the rules and the world, and play that. We'll see how 2nd edition fares.


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