Thursday, September 28, 2017

DFRPG - reflections on actual play

This past Sunday was our first foray into using the DFRPG books, instead of the Basic Set and DF books, as our primary go-to books.

It went well, overall:

- I love the back cover charts. I kept Exploits face-down the whole session to use the Wounding Modifiers chart. I wish that was on the GM screen instead of some of the other tables.

- Spells was much easier to use than GURPS Magic.

- I didn't get any use out of Adventurers at the table, but we did get use out of most of the others.

- Monsters was handy enough that I used it several times instead of my statlines in the Felltower dungeon key or my PDFs.

- It's very easy to find what you need in Exploits, too. I'm used to just looking in the index, but I'd recommend looking at the Table of Contents, first. It's well-ordered and labeled, and that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. I don't like looking up rules at the table, but we made an exception to get used to where things are (and to make sure of changes.)

I will commence stripping down my "game box" to remove some of the DF and Basic Set-centric material I won't need thanks to us using DFRPG. This will be the core.


  1. "It went well, overall:"


    It was what is best in GMing! You killed their characters, rent their sheets before them, and heard the lamentations of the players!

    What? Oh. You meant the rules usage went well. Right, right.

    1. The lamentations aren't really as pleasant in reality. I think Conan was just trying to sound badass. I mean, it worked, he did sound badass, but who wants to be in the complaints department?

    2. But then you just say "Oh boo-hoo the paper mans is dead!"

      Though... I think the rending of character sheets is a bridge too far. I save my old characters. It's fun to occasionally go back and remember the old adventures.


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