Thursday, September 14, 2017

The DFRPG is on the way here

I got a notice yesterday that my DFRPG materials are on the way - I should receive them Saturday.

We'll start using them right away, which means next game.

What I'm hoping the DFRPG will do for me:

- simplify my game overhead by reducing the numbers of PDFs I need to keep open and places I need to reference.

- get more buy-in from players reluctant to read and learn the rules.

- replace my so-so GM screen with a DF-centric screen*

- allow me to replace all references for rules with a simple house rules bundle and "See Exploits."

What I don't expect it to do:

- fully replace my DF books, especially template-heavy ones and Power-Ups we intend to keep (which is all of the ones we're using now.)

- undermine the DF-compatibility of my materials

- fundamentally change our DF experience

We'll see how it all goes next game, which is in just a couple of weeks.

* My plan for the screen is to print out the PDF of the screen and tape that to the player's side, as well - they don't need pictures, nice as they are, they need charts.


  1. I think we broke the Fed-Ex site. Last time I checked, it had made it to Wisconsin.

    I still lament that I couldn't afford the PDFs, along with the physical product.

    1. Mine are in the same state as I am already, just halfway across it and sitting in receiving. It will be nice to have it.

  2. Mine arrived today. Of course the content is the same as the PDFs I already got, so as exciting as the day the PDFs arrived. But I didn't get the GM screen in PDF, so that's new.

    1. Was the GM Screen in PDF extra? I can't recall. I added enough to pay a substantial amount for this game. So I have the PDFs of everything in the box except the dice and bases!


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