Monday, September 4, 2017

Over 700 hours of DF

Game session length came up peripherally in a recent discussion I had, and more directly regarding restocking my dungeon.

We play for about 8 hours. It's occasionally less, sometimes a bit more, and we're together for a bit longer than we play. A couple sessions were much longer - like more than 12 hours - because we played on a Sunday with a Monday holiday.

So how much time is that?

91 sessions.

Call it 8 hours per session.

That comes out to 728 hours of play in the past 5 years.

That's a lot of rolling 3d6.

Still, I'd rather be running Felltower than have a lazy Sunday off with nothing to do.

Why 8 hours? Most of this has to do with 1/3 of our group living very far away, so weekly 3-hour sessions are vastly less realistic than bi-monthly 8 hour sessions. If we want Gale's player and Vryce/Gerry's player to participate, we need to play long sessions to make the trip worthwhile. If we want to play at all involving me, it's got to be Sunday or the rare Friday night (and both of those precede very early mornings leading into long days of work.) It is just how it has to work. I just didn't really think about how long it's been, in terms of total hours.


  1. GURPS 700+ playing hours.

    There are boardgames that don't even come close for that kind of value

    1. That's just DF. I'm not counting the games before that, or Gamma Terra, or even our pre-campaign DF one-shot.


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