Saturday, May 26, 2018

Game Prep for tomorrow

Tomorrow is our next session of DF Felltower.

Game prep has been relatively light:

- I wrote the new rumors a while back. Still only d20, since I've written many hundreds already.

- no restock, as the dungeon is set up from last time I got ready for play.

- packing minis is mostly done. I'll finish the rest tonight and tomorrow.

- I've be re-reading Shadow Blizzard, which is really putting me in the mood for megadungeon play.

Tomorrow is a big day, though. We'll have seven players, as far as I can tell, including a returning player who has been unable to play for a while. I'll keep who a surprise, but thanks to rampant deaths he's entering where he left - one of the higher point guys in the game.

I can't wait!


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